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On Aleta Room

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On Aleta Room
On Aleta Room

Useful information [COVID-19]


• DISINFECTION OF ALL ONHOTELS GROUP HOTELS. Carried out by an external health company, obtaining a health certificate. (Disinfection company).
• Training of the team in POSI procedures (prevention of the spread of infections) with practical exercises.
• Use of PPE for all the personnel of our establishments.
• Creation of a crisis management team, for decision-making in the different actions that may occur.
• Testing all our staff and daily temperature taking.

Assembly CONCIERGE at the entrance of the hotel, with a portable counter, attended by BUTTON / RECEPTIONIST where he performs the following tasks:
• Traveler entry control
• Mandatory temperature measurement for clients upon arrival at the hotel
• Delivery of a mask / glove kit (in the event that they did not come with their corresponding protection)
• Regulation of the entrance of clients to check-in at the reception (and taking care of the safety distance between them)
• Online check-in
• Carpet at the entrance to disinfect footwear
• Reduction (50% RECEPTION POSITIONS) of 4 attention posts in reception to 2 posts each with a screen and a separation between them of 1 meter and a half
• Marks on the floor to wait for checkin
• All information (without paper support) on tv and room.
• Pool/beach towel and personal hygiene towels in the room. sealed.
• Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers. (located at all points of hospitality (restaurants, bars, shop, hotel entrance (concierge), reception and access to lifts.
• Ozone machines for both rooms and public areas.
• The room key (CARDS) disinfected and in sealed bags, giving security to the client.

Cleaning and disinfection in common areas and rooms:
• Use chlorine at 1000 ppm or other chemical products such as virkon.
• Use clothing, scouring pads, sponges and specific bags, identified/coded by color code to avoid cross-contamination.
• For furniture with soft surfaces such as sofas, mattresses, use other cleaning procedures such as steam cleaning.
• Increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection.

Do deep cleaning at night:
(While the task is being carried out, cordon off the relevant areas with cones, signs or other means, to prevent access by people).
o Reception / Offices
or Bars / Restaurants
o Stairs / Corridors / public restrooms
or elevators
o Pool Areas / Gym / Karma Massage.
• Cleaning and disinfection control part. Visible at the office doors on each floor. And common areas. (carried out Housekeeper / deputy housekeeper – cleaning control sheet).
• Ozone machine put 10 mins prior entry to cleaning said room. Once the ten minutes have passed, remove the clothes and go to cleaning.

PURO SALUTARE Buffet Restaurant:
* Maximum hygiene. (Immaculate uniform, gloves, masks, hats).
* Pastries, bread, cutlery, tweezers, etc… all wrapped up.
* Individualities of everything.
* Plates and cups and cutlery on the table.
* All in show cooking. / Show cooking screens. (all hot in show cooking area and annex).
* In cold, no handling of the customer on a tray, buffetier serves food.
* Separation of tables. (1 meter)
* Cleaning of tables and chairs every time a client vacates them so that another can sit down.
* Put more Gel points in the living room and kitchen.
* Staff serving drinks / food.

• -Suppliers accredited by an entity that certifies special hygiene in their products and processes.
• -Sanitary registration of all the merchandise that enters the hotel.
• -Promoting local supplier gives us more confidence.
• * Disinfection of the product once it is admitted to the hotel.

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